Radiography is one of several valuable diagnostic tools that allow an equine veterinarian to see inside your horse. Xrays are important in diagnosing bony changes causing lameness such as navicular disease, OCD, and osteoarthritis. The use of conventional radiography has been fundamental in equine diagnostic imaging for years. A portable xray machine makes it possible to take xrays in the field or in the clinic. At this time Waverly Equine Services is capable of developing xrays in the clinic and is looking to aquire digital xray in the near future.

xray_leg1  xray1  xray_leg2

Digital Ultrasound

A high quality ultrasound is a very valuable imaging tool for evaluating and diagnosing a wide range of conditions primarily but not limited to soft tissue. Musculoskeletal structures such as tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles and bone surfaces may be evaluated for signs of injury or infection. Once an injury is found, ultrasound allows for monitoring healing progress. It can be used for ultrasound guided injections of structures such as the sacroiliac and cervical joints. Ultrasound can aid in diagnosing the cause of colic and other abdominal conditions as well as conditions of the thorax such as pleuropneumonia and lung abscesses. Another very common use of ultrasonography is to monitor reproductive cycles and pregnancy in the broodmare.