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AAEP Vaccination Guidelines

Rabies Information
“Do I need to give my horse a Rabies vaccine?” Consider the facts:

In the past, rabies was found primarily in bats in Colorado. Now, rabies has moved into our terrestrial animals.
This drastically increases the chance of exposure to you, your family, your small animal pets and your horse. The
Colorado State Health Department has reported cases of Rabies in skunks and other small mammals at a rapidly
increasing rate for five consecutive years, since 2008.

Rabies infection in horses as well as humans, results in death in almost 100% of cases. Signs of infection can take
weeks to months after exposure to develop. Death usually occurs in days.

The chance that your horse will get rabies is very low but the consequence if he/she does get rabies is devastating.

We strongly recommend you vaccinate your horses for Rabies. It is a simple way to protect your horse, you and
your family from this deadly disease.

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