Equine Wellness Exam

What is a wellness exam? Wellness exams are the best way to detect and treat health problems horse-silhouettebefore they become serious. While there’s no way to completely eliminate emergency situations, a good preventive health care program can decrease the chances of life threatening, costly illness. Wellness exams and preventative medicine help horses live longer healthier lives.

The exam includes:

  • Evaluation of body condition and discussion of feeding program and concerns
  • Checking the haircoat and skin along with palpation of head and neck
  • Examination of the eyes and eyelids
  • Examination of the teeth and assessing the need for floating
  • Auscultation of the heart rate, rhythm, and detection of murmurs
  • Listening to the abdomen for normal gut sounds
  • Evaluation of musculoskeletal problems and concerns
  • Parasite control discussion including fecal exam
  • Vaccination consultation and recommendations
  • Foot x-rays may be recommended to ensure hoof balance