Coggins and Health

What is a Coggins Test?


Example Coggins Form

A coggins test is a blood test checking for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), a contagious viral disease similar to AIDS in humans. There is no vaccine or cure for EIA. A positive horse must either be quarantined behind screen mesh for the rest of their lives or euthanized. Horses can appear healthy and still be carriers. EIA is spread by insects that bite the infected horse and then bite a horse in close vicinity. This disease is very serious and an outbreak would be catastrophic. This is why it is very important to test travelling and showing horses.

How is the Coggins test performed?

A veterinarian draws a blood sample from your horse and sends it to a state approved laboratory with signed paperwork that notes the horse’s name, sex, age, breed, markings, owner, and current stabled location. Be sure to have this information available.  At Waverly Equine Services, coggins form are primarily submitted electronically with photos of your horse but can also be hand written on a traditional coggins form.  The lab tests the blood for Equine Infectious Anemia. The results are received in approximately 48 hours, depending on the day of the week and the time it is received by the lab. The negative results are recorded on your Health Certificate papers.

How long is a Coggins good for?

Valid Coggins tests variesfrom state to state and ranges between 6-12 months from date of the test results.   In Colorado, a coggins is good for 12 months.  Some of our nearby states including Montana and Nevada require negative Coggins results within the last 6 months to enter the state. Call our office for the most up to date requirements for other states.

How long is a Health Certificate good for?

Health certificates are usually valid for 30 days but this can be extremely variable with different shows and in the face of an outbreak.  Please check your destination requirements carefully. Horses must pass a physical exam and have obtained a negative Coggins test form in order to have a Health Certificate written.

  • When making appointments for Coggins/Health Certificates, have your horse’s information and your travel destination including the name and address of where you are going so that we can have the proper paperwork ready for you on time. Take the time to call our office for the most updated information well ahead of planning to depart.
  • At any given time, especially in the face of an outbreak, shipping requirements are subject to change.  A good resource to check a state’s requirements is UDSA-APHIS-Import/Export.  We will do our best keep you up to date when you are planning to travel.


    • Local: Leaving Larimer or Weld County but staying within the state of Colorado
      • Brand Inspection if traveling more than 75 miles
        *Our office does not offer Brand Inspections. The phone number for the local Brand Inspector’s office is 970-490-1764
      • Coggins and Health Certificates- required by some stables, shows and sales.
    • Nationally: State to State
      • Brand Inspection
      • Current Negative Cogginspapers  ranging from 6 months to 12 months within date of travel
      • Current Health Certificatepapers  *Some states require permit numbers (Oregon, Montana, Illinois, and Alaska). Call Ahead.
    • Internationally:Time to process, cost and all regulations subject to change at ANY time. Always call our office 2-3 weeks ahead of booking international travel for details and appointment availability so that we can help make all necessary arrangements for you.
      • Mexico: (may take up to 2 weeks to process)
        • Negative Coggins Papers
        • Mexican Health Certificate
        • Negative CEM testing for mares/stallions over 2 years of age
        • Negative for evidence of ectoparasites
        • Implanted Microchip
        • Broker Arrangements at Border Entrance
      • Canada and Alaska: (may take up to 1 week to process)
        • Negative Coggins Papers
        • Canadian Health Certificate