Equine Dentistry

  • Dentistry is a very important part of preventative medicine. It allows for adequate feed utilization to help prevent colic, choke, poor body condition, etc. It can also enhance performance or combat training/behavior issues coming from malocclusions which can create painful conditions such as TMJ and periodontal disease.

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Periodontal Disease                                                           EORTH                                                                Malocclusion

  • Equine dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years and is no longer just “floating” the teeth. In fact, many techniques that were once taught are not being used anymore because they are known to actually damage the teeth or prevent proper occlusion.
  • Equine dentistry today is more about understanding the complex anatomy of the tooth and utilizing that knowledge to understand what normal is and recognizing abnormal. There is no way to see it if you don’t know to look for it. Dr. Garrison has taken a special interest in dentistry and strives to keep current in the latest techniques.

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  • Education in dentistry, sedation, a speculum, good light, mirror, head support, and motorized equipment are key to a good dental on your horse.

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